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Learn More About This Award-Winning Indie Film

Hello, My Name is Frank is an award-winning Indie Film that was released today nationwide on VOD. The timing of the release was planned to coincide with Tourette Awareness Month as the release was done in association with Tourette Association of America...

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Your weekend: 'Hello, My Name is Frank' premiere

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Hollywood film shot in Tri-Cities to premiere in Pasco

Dale Peterson briefly visited the Tri-Cities several years back for his nephew’s high school graduation. He was writing a screenplay at the time, and the landscape captured his imagination. “I looked around and said, ‘This is where this all takes place.’ I kind of incorporated it into the script,” he said...

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Motion Picture Shot in Tri-Cities Opens Tonight at Fairchild Cinemas in Pasco

A major Hollywood motion picture that was shot entirely in Tri-Cities Washington will premiere tonight with a red carpet event at Fairchild Cinemas in Pasco. ‘Hello My Name is Frank’ follows an man who suffers with Tourettes Syndrome and loses his care giver then takes a road trip with three young ladies...

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Figuring out how to get an audience to see a film that viewers may have preconceived notions about can certainly be a challenge, and it rests in the hands of the filmmakers and promoters to do just that...

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Dale Peterson on ‘Hello My Name is Frank,’ Garrett Brown and Tourette’s

Writer and director Dale Peterson is already getting praise for his new film Hello, My Name is Frank starring Garrett Brown, Rachel DiPillo, Hayley Kiyoko, Mary Kate Wiles, Travis Caldwell and Tess Harper. Peterson spoke with Brandon Jones of the Global Dispatch via Dispatch Radio about the film...

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